Most of our questions are related to our beeswax food wraps. Please contact us if you had any questions not answered below.
What are Beeswax Food Wraps?
Simply? An eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics. Plastic wrap, and plastic bags are often used without a second thought, but with the beeswax food wraps we can replace those items and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Made with 100% cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.
Where do you get your materials?
We know the importance of high quality materials and are fortunate to have access to many of these ingredients locally. We source our beeswax just twenty minutes away at Fredrich's Honey in Cedar, BC.
How do I use it?
Wrap it directly onto the food or over the top of a bowl to store your leftovers. Make a pouch for your to-go snacks or even use it to open a jar! The warmth for your hand slightly softens the wax blend to form easily to the shape required. *Video tips and tricks coming soon! 
How do I care for them?
Most of the time a gentle rinse in cool water is enough. If there is a little food or grease stuck on you can use a gentle dish soap and non-abrasive cloth to gently wipe away the debris. Remember the fabric is saturated in a beeswax blend, so heat is a no-no. 
How long will they last?
Your beeswax food wraps should last at least a year if used a few times a week but with proper care they can last even longer.
No thank you.
High temperatures will cause your wraps to degrade therefore, no heat! Since you cannot use heat, raw meat and seafood should be avoided. 
Are these handmade?
Yes! Every step from processing to packaging is done by me. While I am present at almost every event we participate in, I have some of my favourite people represent me from time to time. They know Heart & Hearth inside and out and are passionate about an earth-friendly approach to living.