My name is M.J.

I am a Mum, Vancouver Islander and a Maker. 

Mum - I recognize the importance of being present in my children's daily life. From "Soccer-Saturdays" and dance recitals to bedtime snuggles I want to support my children with my time and attention. Being self-employed allows me to do this.

Vancouver Islander - I am lucky to be born and raised on Vancouver Island. Through all the phases of my life I have always felt a connection to our beautiful landscape of old-growth forest, mountains and the Ocean. I am honoured to be a part of this community and choose to support local artisans, farmers and businesses.

Maker - My main medium is fabric. Aside from the visual and tactile beauty of fabric it also presents so many possibilities. I love the challenge of sewing and the satisfaction of the final product. Heart & Hearth allows me to exercise my creativity in an eco-conscientious manner. The products I've chosen to focus on offer eco-friendly solutions to the problems we are facing as a society.

Thank you for supporting my vision for Heart & Hearth.